Coming from the depths of the Neuro Bass dimension, strikes Nitepunk! This time under the umbrella of HARD Recs, he presents to us his new single, “Black And Color“. We know Nitepunk to be an incredibly diverse musician, having an impressive array of releases through countless labels, and a sound unmatched by any other known to the industry. “Black And Color” takes on a fresh form to break beat styles, with a more moody appeal in atmosphere.

Setting the mood from the start with a fine definition towards a more somber attitude, the piano chords strike the scene. Light percussive strikes rattle forth, cueing the lead vocals, layering gracefully with the elegant piano. As the continuum of tensiom builds with the lyrics, a brief glimpse of noise projects, leaving a precursor of what we could expect to be the primary sound in the drop to come, shortly followed by the light growl of tubas. Without expectation, the lead sound kicks forth into the break beat, expelling energy in the most elegent manner. In between the bursts of synths, the vocals chop inward and out, reverberating tension with harmonious speciality. Transition takes hold, sifting the angst sound, and presenting a lifting flow of hard chords, dispersing the space for a fuller area of ambience. Sounds in here feel more electrifying and of what appears to be guitar riffs. The break brings back mesmerizing voices, signalling a climb to the second drop. It hits, this time really capitalizing on the riffs, and a savagely distorted punch of the kicks. The track comes to a close with beautifully, delegated chimes, and the last echos of the piano to finish.

Nitepunk did not let up on showing us what his capabilities are. Combining his hard nuero style with intensely melodic vibes, this track will keep your attention to it’s fullest from start to finish. You can find this track to be one of six in his upcoming EP, set to be released in the very near future. The energy is real with this one, and we’re excited to dip in when he delivers the long awaited goods to come with the rest of his mastery.

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