Through a long run of being a staple in the underground bass scene, and a continual contribution of profoundly innovative music he brings to the table. EVVDE returns with a huge hitter “Earthstar“, provided in the “REINFORCEMENTS VOL. 3” via DISCIPLE’s ROUND TABLE. After an impressive line of label releases, this is EVVDE’s first under the DISCIPLE umbrella, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Earthstar” sets off in a heavy ambience, with massive pads, and a hearty sweep that showers us in a midrange sub bass. After wondering through the mystery, a piercing riser rockets into a vocal transition, and cues the building percussion. Chords rise and build tension with the gaining heave of the elements leading towards the drop. Drop hits with an immovable force, racking out an immense style of sound design. This tear out type of music EVVDE tends to prefer, is some of the most distorted renditions of bass any lover of heavy styles yearns for. Barreling through this part of the track, there is a rapid transition that fades the primary sound, and introduces a massive arpeggiating reese behind the lead chug, enhancing the energy to it’s highest degree. Then, out of left field, a third transition period, decreasing the rapidness of flow, but emphasizing it’s stomping properties, bringing on the proper headbanger vibe. Riding out for a longevity of time, the track slides into a breakdown, symbolizing it’s functioning chords, not letting energy loose for even a second. The rifling of drums rekindles another build, starting back the aggression for a second phase. It hits yet again, this time setting off with that background tumble of the reese, more alarming and pungent this time. With impeccable flow, this track demolishes all in it’s way with consistent change in pitch, distorted highs, and a constant push in variety. The track closes with it’s lead chords, slowly winding down to silence.

EVVDE shows us yet again, why he is a force to be reckoned with. Since this producer came to be, the game has continually been tested towards the underground, giving for headway for artists of this caliber to really make a mark on the scene. Seeing this artist being featured on so many rising labels, and their music rinsed by the ring leaders, is incredibly admirable. Excited to see what comes in the future EVVDE, and we are here for all of it.

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