Into the darkness, sheers a sinister smile that riddles our cognition towards an abyss of chaos and destructive tendency to eradicate our negative constitution with movement in sound. Behind this smile protrudes the mighty Crimson Scar, returning with his new track, “Black Magic“. Now our third installment premiered from the “REINFORCEMENTS VOL. 3” presented by DISCIPLE’S ROUND TABLE. We are incredibly blessed to see this long time Crowsnest King make ground in other territories, and leaving a proper blemish in his wake.

Commencing forth, “Black Magic” initiates in an atmosphere of dark entities and wonderous shadows, entranced by a chirp a airy notes, and a slow climb of what appears to sound of a gritty flute. In a short coming, the drums start in, protruding the first layer of other elements to come. The crunch of an extremely distorted electric guitar noise climbs from the foreground, filtering out it’s resemblance away from the flow, but building curiosity in it’s presence. The subtle climb of drums brings on the drop, slamming ever so elegantly. The lead sound design fluctuates all over the place, electrifying as ever, with an incredible method of call and response. I think something to really note in this track, amongst all the different perspectives to be had, is the riding notes that form minimally behind everything else that stands out. These small additions really help formulate the track as a whole, and brings on very innovative sense when artists build an energy for a track. In a quiet, but brief breakdown, the track resets it’s flow for a secondary body to make room. Resurrecting itself, the second drop contains a multitude of the first’s previous features with a whole new compilation of sounds. Still with immense complexity it all flows so well together, making this easily one of the most unique tracks in structure we’ve had the chance to delve into. The primary notes driving the tracks groove, seem to be reversed in pitch and noise altogether, but still remaining forward in design from all of it’s leads. Revising it’s final segment, all the elements realign to bring on the utmost in power to launch the finally into the cosmos. The track comes to close through an ambient echo into silence.

Crimson Scar never fails to sleep on diversifying himself when it comes to creation. This new track is a brand new take to what him presents, and what we do believe to be a proper one in introduction to the DISCIPLE label. We are continually on our toes to see what more progression this producer brings to the table, and how he will blow our minds in more releases to follow.

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