Skybreak smacks us again with a year anniversary release from his previous launch with Disciple Records, in the “Moonglow” EP. He drops us into an audible eight bit world, commemorating influences from some of his favorite video games, and the many masterpieces in audio that stem from them. The essence of future bass, riddim, heavy dubstep, and even some jazz hold true through the five tracks locked and loaded with this impressive reflection of talent.

The EP’s first, and title track, “Moonglow” is a hefty collaboration with artist, Kaval. This heater is easily the heaviest of the bunch, contained in it a power of some deeply melodic vibes, paired with dubstep. It’s no wonder this would be a title track, punching through with a force to give it reign of also being the first track in his list of efforts. It’s sound design is a supreme reflection of what these artist’s hold to their roots since making way among the scene, and holding steady to a new wave that the bass industry has taken quite fond of over It’s years of progression.

Soul Shards“, the second track featured, was the first to make light as this EP came to life, featuring vocals from the harmonious DNAKM. This track takes a strong riddim structure, accompanied with Skybreak’s staple sound. Definitely unsuspecting coming in with the energy it does, given the lyrics are so soft and beautiful, but we love the context, and diversity with tracks such as this.

Cryolite” is the next to take hold, a track of immense projection in emotion. This piece is rather special, considering Skybreak did use his own voice to currate lyrics, and we can definitely see how in-depth he placed himself when writing. It goes to show their are no bounds for an artist who truly appreciates their craft, and how far they’ll go to connect their listener to themselves. Almost as if they are creating a biography strictly through noise, and the color it brings.

Crystal Hearts” is easily the loudest and most energetic in consistency amongst the many greats of this EP. It’s sound design is very gritty, and holds an intense high in the way it flows. The change in pitch from start to finish allows a swaying groove to keep the audience intrigued and nearly at a meditative state with it’s smooth, yet contradictively heavy shade of construction.

Last, we have “Journey’s End“, a collaboration with artists Aethoro and Mizu. Mizu takes lead as the vocalist, and Aethoro combining efforts in an outstanding production with the mighty Skybreak. Jazz is in keen liking for this track, providing an uncommon swag to what we normally hear in bass tracks. Jazz-like tunes have become more prominent in the scene, and it’s a refreshing style to move to, especially being so rare. The skill is unmatched in this track, it’s one every listener should absorb for themselves from start to finish.

Skybreak knows no creative stunt as such a young artist, literally crushing any and all boundaries put before him. With such an incredible following and idolization through the future bass scene, he is more than allowed to wear such a title. Always so wholesome, and gaining liking from tride and true bass lovers from both the old and new generations. The “Moonglow” EP will undoubtedly have all of it’s listeners stopping in their tracks, and wanting more, but that’s the best about Skybreak, he never stops in his aim to please.

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