An up and comer, and a mad trap and riddim rising legend come together with unrelenting force via the realm of Welcome Records. YDG and Blosso collaborate on their hot off the press track, “Falling For You“. This track is one of many precursors to be revealed for the future release of Blosso’s unannounced album coming out of Welcome Records, release date yet to be disclosed.

Falling For You” rings off in a melodic sense from the go with the chiming vibrance of it’s title words, echoing in and out under a harmonious rain of atmosphere. Piano chords matched with strings collect the vibe to start off something gorgeous. The body kicks off with a future synthesis in energy, stacking on the speed, continually adding more and more majestic elements. An alarm sets off the build, combined with more percussion to bring focus to the bomb of a the drop. With the flick of a heavily vocoded chop, a heavyweighted riddim smack trips motion. With an insane amount of melodic and heavy infusion, this drop holds a monumental renunciation that is very new age, and a fine collaborative sense from both artists. You can hear the well defined differential from Blosso in the first drop, and the transitioning to YDG in the other half, capitalizing well on each talent. A quick, spinning fade cuts out the highs to reverberate the breakdown. Piano chords take hold yet again, briefly showing face to make room for yet another drop body. This one tempts tension with a drawn out pre-drop, that sends out absolute chaos into the stereo space, making this second drop a goliath of sound. Flowing so well, it terraforms into the YDG trap and crunch he is stapled for, bringing on a hefty finish to such a masterful track. A growl pumps in and out with percussion, leading to the end of the track, and closing.

I tried to put ravey, and soulful vibe into not only the drop, but also the break. It was interesting, and I love the result of that experiment. This track feels like dancing in the dark. Putting mine and YDG’s ideas together was an awesome feeling. Hope others love this combination of melody and riddim.”


Seeing these two artists come together is a humbling and inspiring experience. Blosso has a lot set in the future for him, and to have YDG to help perform that is an incredible asset into the launch to greatness. Such a mean track, with so much colliding emotion, the future of the album that comes with this track is to set in bass music history, and we are beyond ecstatic for it’s momentous release.

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