From the gates of SATURATE! and the Wavecraft Collective, the underground, left field bass master, SUAHN, hits us with a UK sounding banger. This techno hybrid form of insanity goes by the title, “Glowsticks“, and rolling off to set an example for a massive compilation to develop.

Glowsticks” pops off into a very ominous tone, bringing on a sort of dark, warehouse vibe. The old time sounding synth rails up to stir up the repetition of super minimal percussive values. Rolling in with it’s perpetually dramatic speed, the main section of the track protrudes to the drop. There is a hefty indication of trap sounds in the drop, with long, drawn out sub basses, and that classic reggaeton yell in the background to give it some hardy character. The serpenting sound of the high frequencies really carry this track to its tension, setting a sort of loose complex, and then following up with the crash of low and mid-elements. Such an epic combination of sounds, that give us that old school electronic nostalgia we love to grasp on to.

When it comes to left field, we like to seek out some of the best of the best. This one takes the cake in being one of the most unique in the bunch and on a huge collaborative scale, bringing like-minded groups together for all the right reasons. Excited to see what oddities come forth in the new alliance made by SUAHN.

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