Tom Finster, a progressively blossoming name amongst the electronic scene, has officially released a well-rounded album pertaining to a multitude of his capabilities. The German based artist held a title among the duo, DONKONG, and has recently been taking matters into his own hands in developing an inspiring brand of his own. “Year Of I” is a reflection of the talent this man yields, and each song takes special care to show that he has hands in a multitude of genres.

Through the power of DIVIDID, he has brought to us an incredible line up of tracks, ranging from pop type beats, to drum and bass, to instrumental funk, and so much more. He captures our hearts from the go with “Second Time Around“, subsequently establishing a deep meaning to introduce us into his realm of music. Reverberating a soulful context, there is nothing more perfect in track selection that would define this album. Short to follow, is “Will To Power“, giving us those immense, wonderous trap vibes with some rap overlay. A solid follow up to keep our minds wrapped around what more lies ahead. Also, may we mention the tap into some solid neuro drum and bass through a partial of this track!

Now that we have caught the attention of our DnB fans out there, they will not be disappointed when “Sinner” hits the cue. This track pushes that insane energy with an assertive flow in aggression and some melodic values. Flowing off of that, the motion doesn’t hesitate for a second in “Cost Of Living“, a more urban design compared to other DnB genres.

Taking a step into a different light, “Nothing” offers a break beat, half-time influence, dramatized with some pungent piano draws. Continuing on the same frequency and drive with “Unbreakable“, Finster compiles symphonic contributions in the track, following up with minimal percussion incentives. Making this a really unique and well structured move as a median in his LP.

Slowing down our perception with heavy filtering and more minor pitches, “Bleep” sets up for the perfect unity of LoFi and DnB. One of our favorite combinations, and through the progression of the song it grows louder and more full in it’s development. This track plays into the next, “Little Circles” featuring harmonious vocals from HANNY. It’s frequency prefers a sadness and sort of distraught intentions. These couple of tracks complement each other, and you can feel the purpose. To polish off with another track with the same matters, “Stuck On Repeat” senses the same energy as the previous two, and gains speed as it progresses. I really found a grand appreciation for these three tracks, because the emotional tensity is there, and you can feel it with every bar.

Understand It All” slaps us back to life with mad energy, and a bit of angst. It sets us forward with some intense war horns, and melodic DnB meshed with some trap vibes. A seasoned vet as Tom shows he fears none when genre melding. Then “Last Year I Died” sends us into a classical atmosphere of liquid bass, and a well structured ambience of what he has stood for in music style.

Then lastly, he finishes with “Night On Earth” with that big sounded, face blasting neuro (almost drumstep) drum and bass. This song crushes as a finale, and he uses every ounce of talent in this one to show us how much of a contribution this man is to his scene.

The “Year Of I” LP is an outstanding presentation of Tom Finster’s skill as a musician. There is no pull back of energy, and there is a magic to be taken from this entire story he wrote out for the world to take listen to. What an experience, can’t say there is anything in this world like it, and we are more the blessed to have the opportunity to reflect our feelings on this masterpiece.

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