Coming from great ends of experimental and hefty hybrid trap backgrounds, congregates two incredible musical talents. ISOxo and FrostTop combine their expertise in a huge single released from the rapidly growing label, NIGHTMODE. This banger reigns under the name of “Angels Landing“, and is an attractive twist of genres including future, trap, and some color bass qualities. It is a handsome addition to the NIGHTMODE ranks, and nothing less than spectacular in quality.

In a quint startle of melodic just, the track protrudes into a majestic intro, riding minimal pads, and a brief interlude of harmonious chords sang into a dreamscape. Some hardstyle typed horns blare the elements to come together, charging up our anticipation. Quickly, the stack of drums rallies the build up. The drop tumbles into the rattling of the hollow thud of the primary sound, resembling a strong relation to bongos, carried by a hardy sub bass that engulfs the track with it’s immense power. In response, the channeling of familiar horns call back in sequence. A rest calms the high tensions, fishing back the vocals that set the track off. A elongated calm before the storm ensues for something even larger to take place. Another build comes to play, this one far more dramatic and layered than the one before. The second drop hits with a golden chime of beauty and elegance, reaching a higher sense of harmony. With such intimacy and a whole new realization to what this track defines, the future and trap essences fuse to achieve the utmost in what this dual alliance is capable of. Left with the high note that remarks the finally to this track, it closes in the same dreamscape we had endured since the beginning.

ISOxo and FrostTop are legends for this track, as well as the home it resides upon in NIGHTMODE. A collaboration well-endowed, and proper to the trap title of the music industry. We love this label and all that it regards itself to, and stay locked and on our feet for whatever else they send our way.

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