There has been a longing evil that yearns to assess the minds of many purely through the twisted and carnivorous nature of his sound. AVANCE comes, making his move on Cyclops Records with a hardy three track EP, hailed by the name “Welcome To My Nightmare“. AVANCE has been an appealing talent from Australia for quite some time, taking a brief hiatus in the beginning of 2022, but has quickly gained his ground yet again as a top tier innovative. We were very enthralled to hear this EP came to light and nonetheless, under Subtronics groundbreaking label.

The first track, “Welcome To My Nightmare“, the title track as listed, takes clips from what appears to be a classical horror styled tune. It takes no time to encapsulate us with that heavy riddim aesthetic that AVANCE has held true to in sound design. His sound is so unique in every way, it can’t help but to be pinpointed directly at his persona. The knocking of deep synths, accompanied with devilish smacks of the sub, that absolutely drill to your core when listening. This intro track is the perfect cinematic, audible experience, and wraps up his defining purpose in this EP, readying for the next two to fill the rest of his story.

The following track is “Skin Suit“, and features another up-and-coming dark riddim lord of bass, MUERTE. Now MUERTE is a name we have seen so very much this year, and for good reason. He is one of few that can appropriate the atmosphere of chaos and hellish deceptions. It is no wonder that AVANCE would ring on this artist to collaborate with him, because it is literally a match made in hell, well suited from beginning to end. This track captures both their styles so very well, similarities in much, but also the sway in flow is astonishing.

Lastly, is the track, “The Boogeyman“. This track heats up with an incredible conjoined compilation of sounds, and a groove unmatched. It’s movement is a bit more poppy than what we typically hear in a riddim track, still with minor chorded tendencies, but with a bit more bounce in it’s step. The energy is the primary thing to be taken away from this, a definite floor mover, that will have a crowd moshing til the roof fell in on itself. This one is not to be tested, but to be respected for the immense complexity and talent it protrudes.

All of the tracks featured in this EP are a complete biography to AVANCE reflection of sound. It’s moving to see this legend build a reputation for himself again. Always being one of the most highly respected in the gain, especially amongst those in the heavier tier of bass music genres, he is back and better than ever. May we see a grand evolution to AVANCE’s music and his future, for we wait in patience and excitement for what more he brings to the table.

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