If there is one artist in this game who has been the most genuine to his music and come up from the beginning, always staying true to himself and the music he dreams to create, it is Hekler. Going through leaps and bounds within himself, his career, and his art, he has subject to change in the most progressive way possible as a creative. Heaving fresh and innovative forms of his design with every release, we are given something more profound in each song. The track we review today is called “Fantasy“, published by Heaven Sent records, and it is one to take note to from start to finish.

In the beginning, it starts with a minimal arpeggiator, light chords, and a gentle, harmonious vocal singing in the foreground. Gaining space with a growing mid-sub, layers start to climb and fill the stereo space. Spinning up with growing percussive elements, the drop takes place with ease, insinuating a huge low end slam, and some future colors performing around it’s epicenter. Bringing a very emotional performance to the table, this track will have any listener delving into their minor related feelings, in the most angelic way. Ending in haste, the energy is brought to a median, cueing the lyrics yet again, gracefully reaching it`s build in tension. This time, with many similar responses, the song is brought together with bigger parts of it`s whole value, allowing more complex inputs to reign their melodic wave of sound design. The sub bass is more expansive in this drop, and well sought to react with every moving part. It comes to an end with a centralized whistle of the high end pad, and the chatter of electrifying chords.

Hekler is such a broad range of artist, never putting to rest his hunger for more vibrancy in his reach. Inputting so many organic parts to his tracks, even his own voice becoming more common amongst his music. There is no doubt this and many more will continue to be legendary milestones to his greatness, and we are here to absorb every ounce of audible elegance.

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