Rising from a territory much overlooked in the bass music industry, there is a talent gaining ground and showing an innovative stance in the lands of Denmark. Collixion is a young, hybrid trap user, who made their come up during the pressuring times of the pandemic, utilizing that time to craft a perfect being of branding and sound. After a wholesome growth, and time and time again of some epic releases, Collixion debuts a new EP, “Daemonium“. This four track creation of dark matter, hales some of the best production from this artist, curating a realm of the purest and unrelenting results in chaos.

Combustion“, the first track of the EP and appropriately named, literally sparks the flame to set us off into the abyss. It’s minimal build, yet fully compacted form of artistic ability, shows the profound skills this talent brings to the table. Intense drop bodies, with an indescribable reach in sound design. This track bodies what we can expect from the rest of the EP, starting with a cap on all spectrums of intensity.

The second track, “Malice“, is an entity all on it’s own. The noise projected from this track is a primal beast, combining gnarled tear out sounds with a hybrid sense of building blocks. The machine guns well placed between the hit of the drums, accompanied with the crunch of some fancy triangle snares, sends a dual complimenting coalition with the percussion and lead sound. Short in phrase, this track packs everything a heavy styled lover could imagine.

Scorch“, the third in this gargantuan piece, confronts us with the pinnacle in madness. Adhering to contraptions of many sorts, it’s complex elements work well to bring an unseen flow to it’s listeners. The grinding of hefty drums, and the screeching of high notes, fills out the stereo space with so many different activities taking place. The tension between the slides of the lead growls keeps us craving more as this track progresses, keeping us enthralled from start to finish.

Lastly, “Bloodstone” takes us on a melodic journey to start, and then slaps us down like a meteorite, phasing to complete destruction. The sound design in this track is especially unique, focusing primarily on the the low end sail with a hardy mid value. The correlation is unmatched, leaving minute breathing room, and hesitation for open area. The ride given by this track will have your body tensing, and mental configuration conforming to complete rage induction. A well designed masterpiece to top the EP, and make for a legendary finish.

Collixion is definitely a force to reckoned with, and someone we could see climbing the ranks very quickly. Followed by some legendary solo releases and remixes for larger names, this a brand ready to test the industry, and bring the heat back in the forever terraforming genre of hybrid trap music.

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