The Australia based female bass artist, AIMER, sends us into her world with a hefty EP, trickling the layers of madness into our perception, and sending us into a retro attired dubstep universe. After having a brief intro into the Disciple Round Table’s Reinforements Vol. 3 early in the year, she shortly made her way to having her very own EP featured, known to be the “Queen Kong” EP. These four tracks of mayhem give us some hardy throwback vibes, with a present context of riddim vibes.

All the tracks featured in the “Queen Kong” EP are unique in sound design, but very much carry a lot of the same flow, showing how well AIMER holds in consistency. Without much hesitation in holding back on the drops, groove goes without contest in the first three tracks, “Queen Kong“, “Dejeco” and “Like A Girl“. The unique qualities in these tracks are that they combine some OG sounds from when dubstep started gaining it’s ground, to modern riddim structures, and a ton of harmonic elements. Needless to say, Aimer was able to genre meld and mesh timelines with her music, creating some really innovative sounds, and making her music stand out above the standard.

One song to take extra note of is the final track, “Alter Ego“. It does not follow the rest in the way it is built, and the sound design strikes internally on the deepest octaves. Definitely a darker take than that which is reflecting from the more “color” based designs she showcases throughout the EP. This change in contrast is impressive to say the least, and truthfully my favorite track, though they all hold close contestant to one another.

For a growing artist in the bass industry, AIMER is moving quickly and without remorse. Australia seems to have quite the roster of talent, and we have loved every single one to show face. Will AIMER be the next big move? Well we are patiently waiting, and ready to cheer on all her advancement in the coming climb.

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