The once titled Code: Pandorum, now known to be INHUMAN, smacks back with a new found piece of soundscape under the Disciple Round Table spectrum. The multi-alias artist has had his grips reached all over, coming with roots from his Crowsnest Label, and now reaching to others with the fresh music project. It’s refreshing to see such collaboration, and that there is not division when it comes to communities and how they show capability in working with one another. The “BLACK_MASS” EP is a recall to INHUMAN’s evolution in what he really aims to message with the project, showing off expertise from the insane amount of development he has gained over time.

All the tracks from the “BLACK_MASS” EP sustain a ton of character in each track, and also feature a few Crownest artists as well, such as FORREIGN, BADFELLA, and Crimson Scar. It’s refreshing to experience what each of the artists reveal to an outside audience, under INHUMAN’s influence. Even with it’s incredibly dark aesthetic, there is a beauty in the humanity and empathy driven by the deeper initiative behind this whole cooperation.

INHUMAN spent no time in warming us up to this EP, introducing his true power from the go in the title track, “BLACK MASS“. It’s girthy synths, and gruesome flow in massive percussive punches give little room for hesitation, and straight into the chaos that is his world. In the middle ground of collabs; “INEXO feat. Nika D (Virus Syndicate)“, “EXTERNAL_COMBUSTION“, and “LAWLESS“, this is where a lot of the meat lies. Each of these tracks speak miles for every artist featured, showing how well congruence works when everyone is on the same level in sound and production. Then lastly, with “LOST“, we are thrown into a neuro-sphere of madness, something completely experimental and outside the norm, and it is truly something to behold.

From start to finish, the madness that ensues from this EP is monumental in character. It’s been inspiring to watch INHUMAN’s come up since the old days under previous projects, but to see this one form so well, and as another layer to the artists, should move many others to progress as they please and make the most out of their passion.

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