A clash of major up and coming color bass talents unite in springing one of the hottest Drum and Bass tunes known to our era. Phocust and Drezza present to us “Get Mental“, a long awaited track by these two, meshing their deeply future influenced sounds into the rebutting genre that is DnB. This track is full of intense innovation, and we are excited to be the ones to host it onto you.

Get Mental” rattles off with some minimal percussion, and sets the room with punctuating horns to bring attraction to it’s flow. Coursing gradually into what echos the primary sound design, followed with more sharp horn stabs, focusing on the explosion to be. With a brief climb, the drop sets, and flairs that classic intro junction to the essential smash. Reigning a filtered heftiness, the energy radiates with insane tensity, bringing on a hybrid of liquid and neuro vibes. The drop is quick and traditional in sound, combining noise of the new and old. Descending back into a breakdown, it takes no time to find it’s space again, heating towards the second whirlwind of motion. Blasting in the face of all who listens, the second drop constructs a whole new complexity of the original sound. This time gaining hype and momentum to the track even more than it’s previous initiation. The finale to this track really extracts every ounce of talent these artists have to offer, and slams it into our audio cognitions, making for the most beautiful and revitalizing experience we could imagine, so fresh and so energetic from start to finish.

Phocust and Drezza held nothing back in the creation of this masterpiece, saying a lot towards how they’ve grown as individuals and producers. It brings a grear pride to us in hosting the up and coming, and watching them succeed in what milestones they have set forth for themselves. Looking forward what more is to be offered from such persons, and how else they proceed to bend the rules in modern music creation.

Connect with Phocust:

Connect with Drezza:

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