With a history of heavy experimental genre melding, comes the legend SUAHN with a track of massive proportion. SUAHN has undergone a major come up in the scene as late, releasing tracks via self and through underground labels, appropriating the sound he is aiming to project in his brand. This new heater goes under the title “You Are Not Protected“, and it is a impressive combination of deep dub and house types.

Initiating with what sounds to be nuclear static and ominous vocals, setting for a very intimidating atmosphere. Vocals come to full fruition and clarity, speaking the title words, followed by claps slowly unfiltering to bring up the tension. Without any hesitation, the percussive elements beat down with a huge sub bass, and growlings presenting a dubby, techno, trance feel. It’s hard to base this track towards one genre, because it goes all over the place, but in the most satisfying manner. The continuation pounds on with an in and out flow, introducing new sounds and patterns, making the progression hard to stray from, because it comes with so much vibrance and intriguing transformations. Going until just shy of the end, it centers back to the main drums, relieving spirits to calm the air, and end on a wonderous note.

SUAHN nevers halts on impressions, pushing boundaries beyond any that could recollect. It’s always exciting to see what he has to push, because one literally never knows what they’re going to get, all you can foresee is that it’s going to open a new realm of possibilities.

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