One of the long time favorite up and comers in bass music, FRANTIK, hits us with a brand new track from his fresh off the press “Simp Sauce” EP featured via DISCIPLE Round Table Records. The track, “Crumpet Busterz“, takes on a bit of a neuro-style to the dubstep realm. The track brings on a huge complexity to sound design, with a classic kick-snare pattern, with so much going on between each bar, so let’s take a dive into the breakdown of this newly innovative design.

Slapping down to a blast of a trap horn, a synth winds down to build the tension to “Crumpet Busterz“. Some quickly enunciated percussion rolls follow a short rise, and a rapid succession of more horns cue the build to an even larger build to the drop. It hits, with a pre-drop of spacious harmony, then crashes down with a relentless fire of lasers. The carnage takes hold, and is accompanied by massive crashes of the primary drums, then trailed by hard hitting reese basses. The conformation of the trending synths with growls, vocal cuts, and flow, combine both old and new world styles of dubstep, really appealing to any demographic’s interest. The second drop repeats very similarly to the first, but the transitioning of the second drop is an entity all on it’s own. This part completely changes character in sound design, coming in hot with the mid low basses, setting off for a fine last few moments of the track. After one more calling of the horns, the session fades and comes to close.

FRANTIK shows his many varietals in just this track alone, capitalizing on what many styles that await in his domain of music. The “Simp Sauce” EP is leading to be a giant hitter in DISCIPLE’S arsenal of EPs, and one not to be looked over when peaking into the discography of the series, as well as the history in FRANTIK’s creative path as it continues to develop into something incredible.

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