A man who has written and experienced many tales, comes to us with a reflection of his story as an individual and as an artist. The HUMAN LP is a start to finish adventure from the life of the new and innovative producer, Nitepunk. The Georgian genius made his way all the way across the Atlantic, landing in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, and with much trial and tribulation, finds himself residing in the west coast of the United States, absolutely crushing the bass scene as we know.

The HUMAN LP is an embodiment of what Nitepunk has known and grown to be. With every step of this mastermind’s climb to the top, he has changed every rule to electronic music production, and continues to reach new heights in music standards with his progressive attitude towards how it’s made. Nitepunk’s half-time, break beat, drum and bass hybrid design contains some of the most fascinating directions in sound design and sample distillation.

We had the honor of covering the track “Black and Colors” some time ago, knowing it was a precursor to something larger, but little did we know this delivery would hold such high honors. It has always been known that Nitepunk has caught attention with his unique sound and continuity in putting out fresh music, but this LP puts a massive stamp in EDM culture, putting him on the path towards the greats.

Each track contained in HUMAN acts as a different characteristic to one another, giving the listener a particular experience. Something to take away from these tracks is the intense settings of emotion. Nitepunk has always been one to hit some melodic, gritty tones, while withholding a fine balance when it comes to releasing the seperate contrasts in tracks, but with HUMAN, it’s a much deeper connection. The tracks aggressively share the moment in time the track is based on, reiterating the cognitive experience to it’s audience. Tracks like “Nephilim’s Drama“, “Better Off“, and “I Know That You Know” are some the best examples of this.

Overall, expressing how this LP should feel does not do it justice as to what is meant to actually be taken from the listening of it. Nitepunk does his own justice with the feeling he packs behind every cell of musical talent he perspires. “HUMAN” is a project of wonders, and reaches to the souls of every artist when absorbed completely, it’s also very much relatable to people outside of music. His story is humbling and respected, and as spectators to this artist’s incredible music and history, we hope you feel inspired and related as we do. Listen to Nitepunk and all he has to offer, and do some background work, because he is one of the best and comes from honorary beginnings. “HUMAN” is out per every major streaming platform, so go give it a listen, and enjoy the Nitepunk train just as we have!

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