Neotek comes back striking again with a massive new neuro hybrid trap production. The young producer never ceases to break the boundaries in innovative design with bass music. In his new track, “Toe Tap“, it takes on a grand ambience of dubstep sounds, but pieces them together with drawn out rides and sub rolls of trap styles. It’s a hard hitter, and one to take note to when hearing it for yourself.

Toe Tap” gives an ominous setting off the start, and for most of the initial build, really encapsulating the tension to be released from what is to unleashed. It drags for a period, leaving the listener on their toes, then releasing into a neuro trap funk that sends our cognitions into complete haywire. The kicks stop with a violent array of distortion, with a thick, underlying sub the is a goliath of energy carrying the track. The well placed “toes tap” sample chimes perfectly in defining the track, with chirping one shots to accompany the percussive bounce behind each bar. The track comes off massively from start to finish, and is a complete demolition whether used in an at home, or live setting.

Neotek presents himself again as a producer making things happen, and presenting change for the scene with the most positive force. Never holding back on talent and capability, Neotek is not one to hold your breath on, and should be on anyone’s radar to experience what the next generation of producer has to offer. Hats off to yet another incredible release by this artist, we always look forward to what more is to come time and time again.

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