The uprising drum and bass prodigy, Bensley, hits us with a melodic masterpiece curated under the Monstercat umbrella of genius talent and design. “All I Wanted” sends us into the cosmos of nostalgic noise, and features the developing vocal genius, Skyelle.

Launching us into a space of wonder, Skyelle leads us into the track with a harmonious solo. Soft notes of a piano follow in track with the vocals, sliced into with a dramatic sweep, cueing a gritty mid-bass and a synth melody to set the structure. Filtering into clarity, the synth grows louder and so does a build that begins to release the drop. Exploding into a world of colorful sound and uplifting progressions, “All I Wanted” gives us the euphoria we’ve been weighing on since the start. So beautifully crafted, it clashes our feelings of joy and light, combining many pop and DnB elements alike, bringing forth an angelic lift-off of our inner conscious. The track performs this same energy throughout it’s entirety, capitalizing on that Monstercal and Bensley purpose, blended into an incredible entity of sound.

Bensley hasn’t cooled down since the start of moniker. Rising to be a pioneer in the Wester Hemisphere of the drum and bass world, he’s proven his worth in every single reason, making monumental steps in his label releases. Monstercat is something to take pride in all on its own, and we’re ready to see what ground he is to push forth to next.

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