The Hungarian heavyweight, Nosphere, slings out a self released single containing a fresh style of sound and artwork all in one pristine package. “HORIZON” structures new ground for the artist, paving a path towards an innovative take to sound design and style in heavy bass music. Nosphere has become a growing legend of the years in the dubstep scene, curating a variety of unique tracks rinsed and blown up by a massive conglomeration of incredibly renown artists. “HORIZON” is a milestone representation of talent from this artist, bringing out the most in what he has to offer with his relentless transformation of musical craft.

An otherworldly voice speaks to us of life and an evolving existence, rifling off the makings of “HORIZON“. Ominous chords sweep through the background, charging higher notes to begin the energy of this track. Each element gradually stacks to build tensity, eventually channeling the attention to the chugging of the lead sound. The drop initiates a prerequisite melody and then slams the collision of all layers, creating a harmonious, but extremely heavy, primary body. Intricate layering allows the lead sound design to grasp all ends of the stereo spectrum, really capturing the complexity of what this track speaks. Nosphere’s production uniform follows in suite, making this track indefinitely trademark to his work, but standing outside much else he has created in the past. “HORIZON” flow grooves with melodic types, while also keeping the characteristics of heavy genres with its aggressive percussive elements. The sub layer is something else to very much to take attention to with it’s rattling distortion, while also keeping enough precision to hold hefty and true within the immense amount of layering. Through the second part of this first drop, the spaciousness and variety keeps it interesting, with its octave range growing higher and more full as the track progresses. With a kick and shrinkage of sounds, a breakdown ensues, growing yet again for the finally. Utilizing the previous origins of sound, the second drop comes in with the surprise of a more half-time type hybrid beat. This time packed with a thick reese bass, the lead sound commemorates with the kick-snare duo, exchanging voices with the reese. Finalizing on the classic “Nosphere” vocal sample, the track ends and fades to silence.

Nosphere’s growth as an artist as been admirable since the brand has come to be. His work flow and release standard has been nothing less of impressive, always changing his tone for a multitude of demographics, while holding true to the art he passionately enjoys. “HORIZON” is a show of capabilities this artist can and will undoubtedly present, combining genres, and well at that, is a mere fraction of talent he possesses. Given the impression Nosphere has left time and time again, it goes without saying this artist has been on the radar for quite some time, and has no means of leaving his position as an industry innovator.

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