It is here, our first ever Bypass Audio coverage, and featuring none other than the massive underground tear out talent that is SKXLVTOR! Premiering his debut EP, “BONE BREAKER“, via Megalodon’s very own, heavy hitting label, fresh out of the box, we are very excited to be the ones to deliver some pride to this creation. The “BONE BREAKER” EP features some of SKXLVTOR’s most intense and aggressive works, as well as a multitude of collaborations, featuring the artists Domatix, Evilnet, and the long time champ, Cromatik. Also, he has graced us with a rendition of one of his classics, the “Headstomp (VIP)“.

SKXLVTOR’s take to sound very much mashes up a lot more modern styles, especially tear out, with a taste of some throwback essence from when dubstep and bass music as a whole began to rise. The sound design in the walloping six massive tracks he presents, is some of the most violent and intense pieces we can honestly say we’ve had the chance of listening to. We say this in the most optimistic sense, being that these are pit starters for sure, and will have any listener raging their bodies off from start to finish. There is no rest for the wary in this EP, because he delivers his fullest in each piece, along with the effort of his companions adding even more energy with the collaborations.

Taking input from each track, it is hard to decipher which stands out the most. It’s fair to say they all bring out some serious tension, with the utmost in an angry definitive. The “Headstomp (VIP)” is undoubtedly an outdone piece by our mans, showing off an evil ambience, and really focusing on that big room bass design, covering all the angles of the sound spectrum. That as well as “Gunslingers” being a flex from both SKXLVTOR and Cromatik alike. Both absolutely giant tracks, but it’s safe to say the same about the EP as an entirety.

There is no lack of talent in the “BONE BREAKER” EP. We give a lot of props to anyone making music, but understand the immense amount of layering, processing, and over all time-consuming craft it takes to make such tracks when it comes to the complexities of heavy dubstep. It’s so impressive and fulfilling to see these underground talents make way for themselves, and carve the ladder for a new generation of creatives. Hats off to SKXLVTOR and to Bypass Audio for representing a growing scene, and bringing a new light to an industry whose fan base grows more and more everyday, while also becoming more and more innovative at the same pace.

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